Leadership Committee 



The Next Generation Guatemala Leadership Committee (NGGLC) is comprised of Guatemalan adoptees who organize, host, and participate in Next Generation Guatemala events across the country and world and whose mission is to develop community and spread awareness of the available support for Guatemalan adoptees, a large, out of the mainstream population.


Goals and Responsibilities

NGGLC initiatives include event planning, advocacy, fundraising, and strategic partnerships. Members fulfill these functions in the following ways:


  • Organizing a fundraiser or awareness event with friends and family. 

  • Raising NGG awareness:

    • Sharing NGG's Facebook posts

    • Organizing the Annual Next Generation Guatemala Adoptee Retreat

    • Arranging adoptee meetups in your area

    • Participating in the Herman@s Program as an older hermano or hermana

  • Soliciting donations and sponsorships on behalf of Next Generation Guatemala's Reunion Fund.

  • Recruiting new NGGLC members!

  • Participating in the Adoptee Accompaniment Project

  • Participating as a consultant, sharing your experience with fellow adoptees and parents




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